Meet the Internal Medicine Team

Amanda, BS in Animal and Nutritional Science, Internal Medicine

Amanda grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated from West Virginia University in 2018 and earned a bachelors of science in agriculture in Animal and Nutritional Sciences. During her studies, she completed an internship at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens in Jacksonville, Florida working with reptile, amphibian, mammal, and avian species. After graduation, Amanda found her interest in veterinary medicine by working as a veterinary technician at Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley, a rescue for canine and feline species. Amanda then expanded her technical skills and knowledge by working with large and small animals at North Fork Veterinary Hospital. Amanda began working for Safe Haven Veterinary Hospital in 2021, finding her passion for the internal medicine service. In Amanda’s free time, she enjoys fishing, spending time with friends and family, and caring for her dog, Chieftain, and two cats, Momma Kitty, and Malloy.

Linsey, CVT, Internal Medicine

Linsey’s roots trace back to her family farm just north of Pittsburgh, PA. Her journey into veterinary care began at the Lawrence County Career and Technical Center, where she graduated from the veterinary assistant program in 2020. Linsey’s career took flight when she joined Ellwood Animal Hospital as a veterinary assistant in 2019, eventually advancing to become a veterinary technician. Pursuing further education, Linsey attended the Vet Tech Institute of Pittsburgh, completing her studies and graduating in February 2022. Throughout her schooling, she developed a keen interest in nutrition, phlebotomy, and pathology, culminating in her certification as a Veterinary Technician in April 2022 after passing her VTNE. Joining Safe Haven Veterinary Hospital in March 2022, Linsey found her passion for internal medicine. In her leisure time, she cherishes moments with loved ones, including her two dogs, Gunnar and Maze, and her four cats, Dwight, Bashful, Cruella, and Bunny.

Jeff, Reception, Internal Medicine

When your pet isn’t feeling their best, visiting the vet can be a stressful experience. As a Receptionist at Safe Haven, Jeff’s goal is to make that process as easy and streamlined as possible, from scheduling to check-out and beyond. Jeff’s journey to veterinary care took a different path; after earning a Film Production and Theory degree from Point Park University and spending nearly two decades in the field, he redirected his focus to pursue his true passion: animals. Jeff’s transition began with managing multiple dog boarding facilities in San Francisco and Pittsburgh, ultimately leading him to specialize in Veterinary Reception. Since joining the Safe Haven team, Jeff has been committed to providing exceptional service to both pets and their owners. In his free time, Jeff can often be found lost in the woods with his chocolate lab, George, brushing up on his photography skills or enjoying his B-Movie and Sci-Fi cinema library.

Jane, Reception, Internal Medicine

Jane, an internal medicine receptionist, is a superstar managing our front desk and is our resident artist! Hailing from eastern Pennsylvania, Jane’s upbringing in the countryside fostered a deep appreciation for nature. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts from a quaint liberal arts college in rural New York State. Venturing further into her artistic journey, Jane explored graphic design and ceramic art, showcasing her talents in a notable exhibition at the Rockefeller Arts Center. Her professional trajectory commenced as a jewelry designer for a prominent manufacturer in Buffalo, New York, where she swiftly ascended to head designer. She traversed the globe for client engagements throughout her tenure, amassing accolades for her designs. However, a personal loss prompted a profound reflection, leading Jane to realize her true passion lay in working with animals rather than the frantic pace of the jewelry industry. Transitioning careers, she embarked on a mission to rescue and rehome boxer dogs, finding fulfillment in giving these animals a second chance. Nowadays, residing in rural western Pennsylvania with her husband and rescue boxer dogs, Jane finds solace amidst the lush woodlands and vibrant fauna that inspire her artwork. On her days off, she indulges in her love for the outdoors by hiking, nurturing her garden, and capturing the beauty of nature through her paintings.

Lindsey - Kennel Assistant

Lindsey grew up in Wexford, Pennsylvania, where her passion for animal care took root. Her journey began with a three-year stint in bathing and grooming alongside a rewarding volunteer role at a wildlife rescue. Fueling her fascination with wildlife, Lindsey delved into classes on wildlife rehabilitation and even spent summers at the Pittsburgh Zoo, immersing herself in hands-on experiences with various animals, particularly finding joy in learning about Clouded Leopards. Lindsey’s commitment to animal welfare extended beyond her professional pursuits. She dedicated years to fostering cats and kittens with a private rescue, eventually opening her heart and home to several feline companions. In 2023, she found her calling at Safe Haven Veterinary Hospital and has since enjoyed expanding her knowledge of scopes and procedures. Outside the clinic, Lindsey’s adventurous spirit finds expression in hiking alongside her loyal German Shepherd, Zyla, weightlifting, and cruising on her motorcycle. At home, her menagerie includes Zyla, five orange cats (including a majestic Maine Coon), two green cheek conures, and a vibrant array of fish tanks.

Alanna - Kennel Assistant

Alanna, from Cranberry Township, PA, has dedicated her life to animal welfare. Her commitment began in childhood when she volunteered at the Butler County Humane Society, a practice she continues today. Her professional journey in animal care started with her role as a pet sitter on Wag, where she was responsible for walking, feeding, and medicating animals. Before joining Safe Haven, Alanna honed her skills at Camp Bow Wow, where she provided attentive care and monitored the behavior of dogs under her charge. Since June 2023, she has been an integral part of the Safe Haven team, driven by her keen interest in assisting with endoscopic procedures such as foreign body removal and endocrine diseases like Addison’s and Cushing’s. At home, Alanna shares her life with Lilly, a 13-year-old Shih Tzu mix battling Cushing’s disease and hyperlipidemia. Together, they embark on walks, explore nature through hikes, and revel in outdoor adventures. Beyond her love for animals, Alanna enjoys traveling and spending quality time with her sisters and cherished family.