Tracey Peterson, DVM, DACVIM

Meet Dr. Tracey Peterson, the visionary founder of Safe Haven Veterinary Hospital. With a background in academia and private practice, she spent years cultivating a concept for a dream veterinary practice. Driven by a desire to integrate specialty care with urgent care seamlessly, she envisioned a practice where advanced technology and innovative treatments took center stage. Peterson’s passion stems from her understanding that when pets are referred to specialists or seen by urgent care doctors, there’s often a concern for serious illness. Her goal was to create a haven where personalized treatment plans catered to each patient’s unique needs, all while upholding a standard of empathy and compassion. In 2021, Dr. Peterson transformed her vision into reality by founding Safe Haven Veterinary Hospital. Since then, she has wholeheartedly dedicated herself to fulfilling her commitment to pets and their families, ensuring that every furry friend receives the exceptional care they deserve.

Gregg Peterson, Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer at Safe Haven Veterinary Hospital, Gregg Peterson brings abundant experience and an unwavering passion for animal welfare to his role. With a rich background spanning management and administration, Gregg is committed to propelling Safe Haven to the pinnacle of veterinary care excellence. With a robust career spanning over two decades, Gregg’s entrepreneurial journey and tenure as a small business owner have given him a critical understanding of the intricacies of business dynamics and client relationships. Along this path, he has meticulously honed his expertise in management and operations, rising through the ranks to assume leadership positions in several noteworthy institutions. At the core of Gregg’s leadership philosophy lies a commitment to nurturing a culture of compassion, collaboration, and perpetual advancement. He firmly believes that by investing in the team’s growth and embracing cutting-edge technologies, Safe Haven can deliver unmatched care to its patients, surpassing expectations. As COO, Gregg assumes comprehensive oversight of Safe Haven’s operations, including strategic planning, financial management, staff recruitment, and facility maintenance. Collaborating closely with the hospital’s veterinarians and support staff, he ensures that each patient receives unparalleled care within a welcoming and nurturing environment. Outside his professional endeavors, Gregg finds solace in warm summer days along Pittsburgh’s three rivers and cherishes moments spent with his animal companions. Under Gregg’s visionary stewardship and steadfast dedication, Safe Haven Veterinary Hospital stands as an emblem of trust in pet healthcare, offering unwavering compassion and peace of mind to pets and owners alike.