Meet Our VIP Staff

Roo - Chief Play Officer (CPO)

Introducing Roo, our Chief Play Officer (CPO) and the hospital’s esteemed goodwill ambassador! With her open-door policy for hugs and affection, Roo spreads joy and ensures a warm and inclusive atmosphere for all. Her commitment to fostering a healthy environment through the power of play and strategic toy distribution is unparalleled. And let’s not forget, Roo is a seasoned expert in Poololgy.

Casserole - Executive Assistant to the CPO

As Safe Haven expanded, Casserole joined the team to support Roo in her hospital duties. Yet, Casserole’s talents proved boundless as she seamlessly embraced additional roles. From tackling environmental services, earning her the secondary title of Custodial Casserole, to willingly taking on administrative tasks and supervisory responsibilities during playtime, Casserole exemplifies adaptability and reliability in every paw step.

Ripley - Head of Hospital Ripsources

Ripley is our Head of Hospital Ripsources at Safe Haven. As a valued member of the hospital oversight committee, Ripley is dedicated to ensuring fair and equal treats for all and ample playtime opportunities. Leveraging her experience as a former show dog, Ripley excels at engaging and motivating employees. With her exceptional talents in bed fluffing and tucking under, Ripley brings comfort and coziness to every corner of our hospital.

Olive - Marketing Magician

Meet Olive, our Marketing Magician at Safe Haven! With a remarkable knack for innovation and chew toys, Olive brings a wealth of expertise to our team. She’s garnered accolades for her insightful presentations at renowned marketing conventions, including the groundbreaking Marketing Without Thumbs series. Despite not seeing the full spectrum of colors, Olive possesses a unique ability. She can sense each hue’s vibes, allowing her to discern colors in her own distinctive way. This intriguing skill adds a fascinating dimension to her role as Marketing Magician at Safe Haven.